The State Treasurer is an important leader in overseeing the state’s finances.  The State Treasurer does not make or vote on laws.  As a voter what should you look for in a State Treasurer candidate?

What better person to obtain advice from than Warren Buffett, the very successful investor from Omaha.  Warren Buffet looks for 3 things when hiring:

1.  Integrity

2.  Intelligence

3.  Energy

Keith Laube is the candidate that has all 3 traits.  His physical and mental energy makes him standout among the other candidates.  Mr. Laube has the determination and drive to make Iowa a great place for future generations.

  • Keith Laube was raised on an Iowan family farm and is rooted with good work ethic and honesty.
  • As a professional engineer, Keith has a duty to do what is right for the safety and prosperity of the general public.
  • Being a leader in city government, Keith oversees budgets, infrastructure and works with people from many backgrounds to find solutions that are the most cost effective for taxpayers.


State Capitol view

Keith Laube’s basic rules in decision making:

1.  Decisions are made based on a cost-benefit analysis. Keith looks at what is best for the taxpayer not only in the short term, but in the long term. If the cost is more than the realistic benefit, the idea or program is not beneficial to the taxpayer.

2.  Citizens should not loose freedoms granted by the Iowa Constitution or the United States Constitution.

3.  Decisions should not be made based on party politics or favors to large campaign donors.  Being independent of the 2 major political parties, Keith Laube is the only candidate who will make decisions based on what is best for Iowans.