Ready to roll in Marshalltown

Keith at the Marshalltown Okemberfest Parade






Ready to start the parade. Keith greeting voters at Marshalltown Oktemberfest Parade.

Libertarian booth in action at Cattle CongressHieb and Laube with libertarians at Cattle Congress






The Libertarian booth at Cattle Congress. Keith and Governor candidate Lee Hieb pose with volunteers.

Keith riding on RAGBRAI






A beautiful Iowa morning as Keith rides on RAGBRAI.

Keith at Ankeny Summer Fest Parade C1


Enjoying a nice evening before the parade starts.

Enjoying a nice evening in Harlan before the parade starts (above).  Keith in the Ankeny SummerFest parade (left photo).

Keith in Newton 4th of July Parade

Newton 4th of July parade

Hieb and Laube with libertarians at Cattle Congress







Campaign in the Newton 4th of July parade. Photos courtesy of the Newton Daily News.

Gary Johnson and Laube E1

Keith with Gary Johnson at the National Libertarian Convention in Columbus, Ohio.


Urbandale April 26

Keith speaking in Urbandale.


LPIA 2014 candidates

Keith with some other candidates nominated at the LPIA State Convention.